L'Arpège Egg
L'Arpège Egg
L'Arpège Egg
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L'Arpège Egg

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For all the egg lovers out there...introducing the Arpège Egg pin! 
Called "the most exquisite egg dish in the world", the Arpège Egg is the creation of Chef Alain Passard, and named after his Michelin-starred Paris restaurant L'Arpège.  
The Dish
Gorgeous fresh farm eggs are topped, the yolks gently heated through until just barely set, then garnished with chopped chives, quatre épices and a sprinkling of sea salt. The egg is finished with cold, soft whipped cream seasoned with aged sherry vinegar and Canadian maple syrup. Perfection!
The Pin
  • Option of Gold or Rose Gold finish
  • Hard enamel, 1", with butterfly clasp and All Day Club stamp
  • Limited Edition of 100 pieces in each finish
  • Each pin comes with sweet hand-numbered backing card
    *All prices are in Canadian Dollars*