Tagliatelle of Oysters with Caviar
Tagliatelle of Oysters with Caviar
Tagliatelle of Oysters with Caviar
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Tagliatelle of Oysters with Caviar

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Ok friends, this one is a true classic from the OG himself, Marco Pierre White. (But you already knew that, didn't you? Of course you did.)
The Dish
This glorious little beast was one of Chef's most well known dishes at Harveys. Imagine along: fine, bite sized nests of fresh tagliatelle served in oyster shells. On top, plump oysters gently poached in their own liquid, napped with beurre blanc, finished with julienned cucumber and a spoonful of caviar. We could wax on about it, but best let the man himself explain:

You’ve got all the components here of a great dish: simplicity, elegance, graphic impact, texture, fine flavours. It’s grand but understated. It’s not enough for a dish just to have a great flavour; it’s only when the taste of a dish equals its visual appeal that you know you’re on to a success. This is one of the few dishes I know which actually does that. It’s very rare.  - MPW, White Heat

Right? Right.
The Pin
  • 1", hard enamel, gold finish
  • Limited Edition of 100
  • swanky gold foiled card, hand-numbered with love
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