Foodlife Stickers for Apple iMessage

Foodlife Stickers for Apple iMessage

I'm officially OBSESSED with text stickers. Have you tried them yet? They're fun emoji-like pictures you can digitally "peel and stick" onto your messages for that extra oomph. (I'm all about adding supersized cups of coffee to explain how I really feel about early mornings...) 

Clearly I can't get enough of the goodness and decided to make a pack of my own. All the kale. And ramen. And fried eggs. Pretty much all the things I like to make and eat these days. (Plus it's fun to have "Pinot Noir" and "Caviar" stickers, for all you Kimmy Schmidt/Titus fans.)

If you'd like a set too, please visit the Apple App Store to complete purchase and download, link below.

Compatible with iPhone and iPad using iMessage on iOS 10.0 or later.

Go Kale! Go Poke Bowls! Have fun! 


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