Eat yer Veggies...

Chinatown Vegetables

(or, the beginning of a new ABC?)

Can I share a bit of inner dialogue? It seems that slowly but surely I've been putting together the kind of images that I wish I had seen in early picture books growing up - you know, the standard A is for Apple/Banana/Carrot for The Things We Eat? ( I don't remember seeing Daikon or Enoki or Fish Sauce in the mix, do you?)

It's all a part of a much longer/wordy train of thought, to be continued as I keep chugging along. But for now, I'm feeling pretty excited and grateful for the opportunity to be working on what I see as a big personal project...that I can hopefully  (soon!) read with my own curious kiddo.
For now, here's a print of some of my favourite Chinatown veggies (big pea shoot lover over here!) - more to come soon! xo
see the print
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